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Intro to Global Infectious Diseases

Posted by dihcarramo on 2 Dec 2

Taken from the Georgetown University website:

“Global Infectious Disease” can be defined in different ways. In general, all definitions list important new and “re emerging” infectious diseases that were once unknown or thought to be waning, along with recognition that drug resistance, hygiene, economic and environmental factors have promoted both reemergence and horrendously increased mortality... Regardless of the specific definition or catch phrases that are used, there is rapidly growing worldwide recognition that science and astute public policy based on historical experience, international law and ethics must intersect more effectively if we are to find solutions to the myriad of problems caused by these diseases. Although the human cost of Global Infectious Disease should be more than enough to motivate even the most hardened of individuals to do more, it is now also obvious that the rippling effect on the global economy and worldwide political stability threatens all human kind and at all levels. Better integrating emerging infectious disease science concepts into political and social problem solving is a serious challenge that must be met. Of equal importance is the growing appreciation that infectious disease scientists must become more “policy literate” if they are to contribute more effectively. Also, basic vs. applied medical science is frequently practiced in different environments; these need to be integrated as well if society is to efficiently tackle the myriad of problems related to Global Infectious Disease.

Here's an example of what a collaboration in this field looks like from a group of high school students in the US and India.

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